The Old Market (Alter Markt)

As early as the 12th Century a small market and its surrounding settlement was established here. This later grew into the town. At that time however markets were all triangular, not rectangular and not as large as the market place by the Town Hall today. The market here belonged to the old Benedictine monastery, which was founded in 1071. There is no longer a Benedictine monastery here today; the site was used to build the Residential Palace. But, at that time, there was a community here called “Alter Markt”. Both houses; No. 25 with its seating niches, and No. 13, the well-preserved 18th Century timber framed house, are particularly noteworthy.

If you are now enjoying the stillness, it will be difficult for you to imagine the hustle and bustle that once prevailed here. Just as one would have expected at a market, haggling and bargaining was carried on here for a long time.

The price of cane sugar, which had been known in Europe since the Crusades, was well above that of honey, and even salt, which was essential to the everyday diet, became a political factor. It was so expensive that the people living in the surrounding regions made use of substitutes such as vegetable ash. Incidentally, salt was not traded in granular form but as lumps that had to be broken down before use.

Walk across the marketplace and turn left into “Halbe Gasse”. On the right hand side behind the gate you will see the Palace Park.