The "Hoher Schwarm" Castle Ruins (Breitscheidstraße 26)

The castle is called “Hoher Schwarm”. It is said to have already existed before there was urban life here. That was around 1300 under the Count of Schwarzburg. But the Count not only used the domestic tower as a residence, it was also used as quarters for the castle guards. They were responsible for law and order in the region, under the Count’s charter.

In the 14th Century Saalfeld was sold to Margrave Frederic IV. From then on the chief officers of the strictly organised Saxon administration moved in. They were the superior officials of the administrative region, and were responsible for the military, justice, finance and provisions.

200 years later the castle lost its function as a defensive building and official residence and was partially demolished. Only the ruins of the massive residential tower remained. The Hohe Schwarm has been compared with the Tower of London.

How did the castle come by the name “Hoher Schwarm“?

Legend has it, that a priest released a white dove with a silver bell attached to it. Its chosen resting place was intended to be the site of the castle, but the dove settled on an oak tree on the banks of the River Saale. As the huge tree was felled, a swarm of bees flew out of the trunk and high into the air, and this is how the name “Hoher Schwarm“was decided upon.

Turn to the right and walk along the gravel path to little palace “Kitzerstein”.