The Darr Gate (Darrtor)

You are now standing in front of the third gate of the former town wall; which is called the Darr or Market Gate.
Built in the 14th Century, it is the town’s oldest gate tower. You could reach the “Old Market” district from here, hence the name Market Gate. The name “Darr” is Slavonic and means “Market”. The tower was manned by guards day and night. They kept an eye on those passing through and watched out for fires or for approaching troops. They were also responsible for collecting tolls. During the 16th Century the gate tower served as a prison.

The Darr Gate is the only town gate open to the public. It can be visited throughout the day from May till September and the splendid view over the roofs of Saalfeld should not be missed.

To reach your next destination, cross the main street “Auf dem Graben”. Follow the street “Lange Gasse” for a few steps and then turn right into “Alte Marktgasse”. At the end turn left into the Old Market.