The House of Höhn (Höhnsche Haus)

Pax intrantibus, salus exeuntibus – Peace as you enter, contentment as you leave. Such is the inscription on the portal of the House of Höhn.

This building in Saalstrasse at the corner of the Saumarkt belonged to the merchant Edouard Höhn and elegantly displays the spirit of the beginning of the 17th Century. Both lower storeys have retained their original Renaissance character and this merchant’s house contained the Saxon Elector’s post office.

The mail coach operated between Leipzig and Coburg carrying up to eight people and the parcel post and In Coburg one could connect with the mail coach to Nuremberg. And even when the post was being conveyed here by horse from Suhl via Schleusingen and Ilmenau, nothing would have been possible without Saalfeld.

A few houses further on into the town, the former Town Apothecary announces the glamour of the Saalfeld merchant fraternity.