The Court or Market Apothecary

The Court or Market Apothecary is one of the oldest buildings in Saalfeld and was the first secular building in the town. It was erected as a tower dwelling at the time of the town’s foundation and was then the town´s only stone-built house. During the time of Barbarossa’s rule, the town governor, who was the imperial administrator, held office here. This is proclaimed by the stone lions over the entrance portal. It was later became the seat of the town’s mayor. Eventually the town council bought the house and established a retail and dancing hall within it. In the 17th Century it became an apothecary. About 200 years later, due to carelessness on the part of a chemist’s apprentice, the tower dwelling was burnt out, During the immediate reconstruction that followed, parts or the Romanesque structure were reinstated, thus retaining its tower character.

To the right of the Apothecary you will see the Old Castle (Alte Schloss) on the opposite side of the street. This was the residence of the dukes of Saxony.