The Palace Grounds and Park (Der Schlosspark)

During the construction of the Palace around 1700, the gardens were also laid in French style.
A large fountain and a small baroque pavilion, the so-called Cavalier Pavilion, stood in the centre of the park. To the south of it were the Orangery and the palace nursery. The stables and bridal path extended out to the west.

The following description appears in a travel guide dating from 1832: “The Palace Garden is available for all to explore and is an embellishment for the town, with the high walls of foliage along its avenues, the chestnut wood in the middle of the garden, the orangery and flower gardens, the orangery houses with their lemon, bitter orange, laurel and coffee trees, the Lebanon cedar and a collection of tropical plants, as well as a beautiful view inviting one to wander, makes certain of agreeable enjoyment.”

After exploring the Palace gardens, please turn to the right to the . Residential Palace rising in front of you.