The former Town Apothecary

The builder of the former 17th Century Town Apothecary was the coinmaster Hans Jacob. In the Middle Ages St Mary’s Hospital was situated here, but was destroyed in the great town fire. After numerous changes of ownership, the house was bought in the 18th Century by Dr Johann Friedrich Buchka. Here he established an “officin and corpus pharmaceuticum“ or “town apothecary”.

A druggist in those days was not simply a trader in herbs and essences from the monastery. He expertly processed raw materials from plants, animals and soils, and produced not only medicines but also confectionary, chocolate, marzipan, inks greases and pomade.

Some ingredients came from far afield and were very expensive, while others, such as lavender, grew in the lush meadows around the town. This small herb with violet flowers is very aromatic, was good for treating certain maladies and was even effective against vermin. The herb could also be placed amongst ones linen, so that the day began with sweet smelling clothes.

Go back a few metres to the House of Höhn and then turn left along the Saumarkt to the Darrtor.